ICT and Colombian Producers partner for social and environmental projects!

It is quite common for presidents of Colombia to have arrived in office through the coffee federation. FNC presidents tend to be a pre cursor to election as Colombian president.This week the national newspaper in Colombia placed coffee yet again within the Political columns. Coffee always seems to play a dominant role in politics and public policy

This weeks article (pictured) in the national Colombian paper references one of our producers. they are being recognised as the 1st company using the law established to support farmers financially for social & environmental aims.

They have become the first company to implement changes to accomodate new legislation which was approved to ensure support to coffee producers from the exporting & finance sector. ICT is proud to note that this relationship continues to grow as these coffees are currently available to Australian roasters.

These coffees have been secured, making sure that the allocated funds were directed to social & environmental programs at the farming level.

ICT is also happy to use this opportunity to allow Australian companies to get involved by securing some of these coffees and promote this program & new legislation supported by the executive & legislators in Colombia.

For more information and to find out about how you can be on the ground at origin, please email Michael or Moises



Moises tawil

Moises tawil

Moises Tawil is a 3rd generation coffee trader and constantly searching for ways to share unique coffees in a manner sustainable to businesses and farmers alike!