ICT sources direct from Rwanda – 3 African Sisters – a coffee success story.

3 African Sisters strives to improve the economic opportunities for Rwandese women coffee farmers, by empowering them with the prospect of marketing their unique Specialty Coffee to the world. Living in Rwanda amongst the coffee farmers, at grass root levels, gives us the inspiration and motivation to make a sustainable difference in their daily lives.
By giving the support needed to improve the quality of the coffee here in Rwanda, paying attention to every aspect and detail from the nurturing of the coffee plants to the harvesting, the processing and all the way through to the final cup, we at 3 African Sisters secure a promise for a sustainable, richer future.
“We created the 3 African Sisters brand, as we wanted a coffee that portrayed Rwanda and its people for who and what they are today, a positive light and rising star, going forward with strength.
Our coffee represents the heart, soul, and determination of the Rwandese people in this tiny oasis in the heart of Africa.”
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