We’ve Secured This Micro Lot From Mexico.


Confirming today the purchase of a micro lot from Finca Soledad in Mexico!!

Here are the details:

Cup profile
Aroma: 8.5 Dark Chocolate and Tobacco
Body: 8 Medium
Flavor: 8 Floral & Honey
Sweetness: 8.5 Delicate
Acidity: 8 Medium

Variety: Caturra
Elevation: 1,105 to 1,250 m.a.s.l.
Process: Wet Process (Washed) and Sun Dried

The harvest starts in the second half of December and 9 months after the flowering. Because it is not raining during the picking season the coffee can ripen to 100%. This makes it easier for the pickers to separate the red cherries from the green to assure the best possible quality at time of the wet-milling process.
Actually the production average is about 26 quintals of coffee by hectare. Our best historical averages are 44 quintals of coffee by hectare.

They have an installed capacity to process 47,000 quintals of wet parchment coffee in an uniform crop cycle. The actual crop is 26,000 quintals with a daily peak process at about 300 quintals per day.